Auto Flexi Software Warning:

Avoid buying, copying, cracking, and substandard software when buying AutoFluxLoad software. Purchase original Auto Flexiload software with Intake Modoc. Opening or without licensing software Modoc may cause harm to your business at any time.

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Auto flexiload Software benefits:

To help us further mobile recharge business, we have developed auto flexiload software. You can easily manage the digital recharge software through your computer. Wherever this software is called Auto flexiload Server or Auto Fluxiload Software. Through our Auto flexiload Server software, we can handle mobile banking services, CSV or Excel Recharge.

Best Price

We can challenge, more than all the software in the market our Auto Flexi Software Best and low in price.

User Friendly flexiload Billing

We make our software so effortless that anyone who has never run a computer in their life will be able to use our Flexi software.

Reporting system of Flexiload Server

Reporting is very important for calculating the profit-loss of a business. We have kept all reports required of this auto flexi software

Auto Connect Flexi Modem

Our auto flexi software runs on power, when the internet goes away, auto restart on PC restart.

Multi sim

If you need to use multi-SIM. You can put as many SIMs as you want on our server. There is no fear of the server going down.

Easy Install

Just installing the Modem Driver, exe or zip file will make the software run more and more

Any Modem Support

We can develop the software on any modem. If you have any modem to use the internet, tell me if you have that modem If you support Flexiload, you will be able to use our billing with that modem.


In addition to the password / PIN in our billing, every time you log in via SMS on your mobile The OTP code will be sent. Plus, you can use 2-step verification and Google too. So our billing is much safer than other billing.

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Auto Flexiload Software

No more mobile recharge by pressing the button of the mobile. How long will analog recharge be in Digital Bangladesh?
We developed sophisticated auto flexiload software for mobile recharge shop.

We have built a world class auto-flexi system that allows you to recharge your recharge shop very easily. Its attractive feature is that you can offer resale to a nearby store if you want Different income opportunities will be created.

Auto Recharge This will allow you to load balance on mobile in a very short time.

Your computer will be equipped with a SiM. For this, only Mobile No and Amount will be recharged for the customer.

In this case, the recharge SIM PIN is given once when the computer is started
There is no need to re-pin each time you recharge

Our Price List:


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